The Southeastern Indiana Racing Circuit is a series of six races run in Southeastern Indiana which supports cross country programs at local schools.

Participate in four of six SIRC races and get your name in a drawing for cash prizes at the last race. Participate in five of the six SIRC races and you get your name in twice. The awards are given out by random drawing in two age groups: 19 and under and 20 and above. The awards in each of these two groups are $200, $150, $100, $50. Special thanks to our corporate sponsor Weber Sports!
Participation List after six races

2022 Cash Drawing Winners:

19 & Under 20 & Over
$50 - Joe Hawkins, 15, Greensburg, IN $50 - Joshua Hatton, 49, Versailles, IN
$100 - Collin Hatton, 12, Lawrenceburg, IN $100 - Kevin Johnston, 60, College Corner, OH
$150 - Luke Raver, 11, Batesville, IN $150 - Jeff Smith, 67, Lawrenceburg, IN
$200 - Evelyn Kelly, 11, Holton, IN $200 - Chayce Helms, 21, Harrison, OH

Please show your appreciation to Weber Sports, 238 Main St, Aurora, IN for providing the funds for the cash drawings. They are a great source for biking and running gear.

Top three Men and top three Women in five of the six races get awards. This year the all-SIRC awards will be based on five events. If you do all six events it will be based on your best five.
Male Leaderboard after six races
Female Leaderboard after six races

There is an additional award this year for the top three Age Graded Winners in each sex. This award is being sponsored by Stuart Road Racing: The Real Winner.

This award will be given to the participants who have the top age-graded average in five of the six events.

The Real Winner Female Leaderboard six races
The Real Winner Male Leaderboard after six races

Past SIRC Leaderboards:
Year Male Female Age Group Winners The Real Winners
2022 2022 Male Leaderboard 2022 Female Leaderboard 2022 Participaton 2022 The Real Winners
2021 2021 Male Leaderboard 2021 Female Leaderboard 2021 Age Group Winners 2021 The Real Winners
2019 2019 Male Leaderboard 2019 Female Leaderboard 2019 Age Group Winners 2019 The Real Winners
2018 2018 Male Leaderboard 2018 Female Leaderboard 2018 Age Group Winners 2018 The Real Winners
2017 2017 Male Leaderboard 2017 Female Leaderboard 2017 Age Group Winners 2017 The Real Winners
2016 2016 Male Leaderboard 2016 Female Leaderboard 2016 Age Group Winners 2016 The Real Winners
2015 2015 Male Leaderboard 2015 Female Leaderboard 2015 Age Group Winners 2015 The Real Winners
2014 2014 Male Leaderboard 2014 Female Leaderboard 2014 Age Group Winners 2014 The Real Winners
2013 2013 Male Leaderboard 2013 Female Leaderboard 2013 Age Group Winners 2013 The Real Winners
2012 2012 Male Leaderboard 2012 Female Leaderboard 2012 Age Group Winners 2012 Elite Masters
2011 2011 Male Leaderboard 2011 Female Leaderboard 2011 Age Group Winners 2011 Elite Masters
2010 2010 Male Leaderboard 2010 Female Leaderboard 2010 Age Group Winners 2010 Elite Masters
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